Smart Technology, Smart Future




Aiming to create a sustainable social system

Chugai Technos uses appropriate environmental monitoring and effective environmental improvement plans to encourage a low-carbon society, fully grasps the current state of social infrastructure, and carries out maintenance to contribute to the development of a truly sustainable society.


Achieving the worldwide connection and high- quality and vibrant lifestyle

The social mobility and our safe lifestyle would not be possible without high quality machinery and products. Chugai Technos uses inspection, testing, and analysis techniques to support cutting edge development and high-precision quality management in the fields of aviation, vehicles, and machinery.


Ensuring permanent and stable utilization of resources and safe supply of energy

With the rapid evolution of technology in fields such as new forms of energy, greenhouse gas reduction, and high-efficiency energy conversion, Chugai Technos pledges to continually contribute to stable operation of energy plants and reduce environmental impact.

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