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Chugai Technos provides the optimal consulting services through plans and proposals based on a wide range of information and accumulated experimental data for effective use of resources and social infrastructure stock in constructing a sound material-cycle society and in maintaining and managing social infrastructure.

Energy Conservation Diagnosis

Energy Conservation Diagnosis

Rationalizing and reducing energy use is an important issue for achieving a balance between economic development and protecting the global environment.
Chugai Technos performs measurement and diagnosis of the current state of equipment energy use, and proposes the optimal new equipment or system improvements.
Subject facilities: Factories, buildings, hospitals, etc.
Subject equipment: Boilers, heat exchangers, air conditioning equipment, power substation equipment, pumps, compressors, etc.

- Measurement and diagnosis
Based on an advance investigation, we decide the measurement points and carry out measurement of heat radiation, power consumption, and other data. We report the results to the customer and propose specific and quantified energy-saving improvements.
- Simplified diagnosis
We conduct an investigation by means of an on-site survey that is based on drawings, data, questionnaires, and other information. We perform a simplified diagnosis, requiring approximately 1 day, of the current actual state of equipment use, and then propose energy-saving improvements.


In order to achieve sustainable development, we need to make great improvements to the systems of our society.
As an environmental think-tank, Chugai Technos provides environmental consulting services based on a wide range of expertise.
The contents of our consulting services include planning for the construction of a low-carbon society and material-cycle society, system design, and support for system operation. For waste treatment facilities and recycling facilities, Chugai Technos provides support ranging from planning and design to operation and management.
In addition, Chugai Technos formulates plans for protecting biodiversity and the sustainable use of biological resources. These plans consider not only ecology, but also a wide range of other elements including economics and culture.
Chugai Technos also conducts environmental impact assessments that are tailored to the exact characteristics of each development business and each local region.

Environmental ConsultingEnvironmental Consulting

Soil and Groundwater Purification

Chugai Technos provides total soil contamination and groundwater contamination solutions spanning everything from investigations to purification.
Through collection of existing materials, on-site investigations, interviews, and other means, we evaluate the possibility of soil contamination in the subject area. Through soil gas investigations, surface soil investigations, boring investigations, groundwater investigations, and other investigations, we determine whether or not there is contamination, and the extent, degree, and mechanism of any contamination that exists.
We also perform soil contamination remediation including groundwater remediation, soil excavation and removal, and in-situ insolubilizing. In addition, we also perform soil contamination remediation by means of bioremediation which injects chemicals into the soil that boost microorganism activity in order to utilize the power of microorganisms to break down the contaminants, as well as phytoremediation which uses microorganisms that attach to the roots of plants to break down oil.

soil sampling

pumping aeration

Research and Development

Chugai Technos provides made-to-order contracted research and development support that meets the technical development needs of our customers.

Environmental biotechnology field
• Environmental preservation and purification
 -Development of deodorizing technologies using environmental microorganisms
 -Searching for microorganisms that promote plant growth, and the development
 of effective technologies for their application
• Energy production field
 -Energy production from biomass: Methane fermentation, bioethanol fermentation,
 hydrogen fermentation

Industrial technology field
• Environmental durability tests for various measuring instruments
• Hydraulic testing related to flows in rivers, pipes, and other bodies
• Two-phase flow tests for facilities such as heat and chemical plants
• Thermal conductivity tests related to heat dissipation and conduction

Performance Testing of Adsorbents for Water TreatmentCultivation test under high pressure condition

Cultivation test under high pressure conditionPerformance Testing of Adsorbents for Water Treatment

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