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In a variety of fields (manufacturing, energy, chemicals, and medicine), we provide quality management, maintenance, and automation systems based on our fully integrated system that covers all stages from proposals to design, manufacture, and maintenance.

Inspection Systems

Chugai Technos manufactures and sells systems for non-destructive inspections (quality inspections which check for flaws, positions, sizes, shapes, distributions, or other characteristics without destroying the material or product).

Inspection systems
X-ray inspection systems (examples of applicable products: die-cast products, cast steel products, tires, boiler tubes, coke)
Gamma ray inspection systems (examples of applicable areas: measuring clogging of pipes, diagnosing internal decay of trees)

Automation Systems

Chugai Technos manufactures and sells automation systems for labor savings in the production workplace. Utilizing the knowledge and expertise that we have developed in a broad range of fields, we provide total solutions that cover system development, design, production, and maintenance.

Systems developed and sold
• Foreign matter detection systems for line production (rubber products, cardboard packaging, coke, pistons)
• Boiler panel weld inspection systems
• Piston X-ray inspection systems (automobile parts)
• Automated lake and marsh water quality monitoring systems

X-ray foreign substance inspection deviceX-ray foreign substance inspection device

Nuclear Power Generation Engineering

Chugai Technos develops and sells preventive maintenance systems for maintaining sound conditions at nuclear power plant reactors.
These systems can be used in extremely harsh environments (high radiation, 30 meter water depth, narrow spaces). Never satisfied with existing technologies, we are continually conducting research and development aimed at new technologies that are better for people and for structures.

RI Systems

Radioactive isotopes are used for medical examinations at the nuclear medicine facilities of hospitals and research institutes. Chugai Technos designs, manufactures, and sells the radiation monitors (gamma rays, beta rays) that are installed at these nuclear medicine facilities. We also design and install the equipment used to treat wastewater and air exhaust that is discharged from the radiation control areas, and perform inspection, maintenance, and on-site modification of the wastewater and air exhaust treatment equipment.

Equipment sold
Radiation monitoring equipment
RI wastewater treatment equipment
RI air exhaust treatment equipment

Radiation monitoring systemRadiation monitoring system

RI drain systemsRI drain systems

Control Systems Engineering and Maintenance

Based on the experience and technologies which we have developed in the electrical and instrumentation control fields, we provide a wide range of technical services for automated measurement control systems including design, testing, adjustment, inspection, and repair.
In order to improve the reliability of our automated measurement control systems, we provide post-delivery equipment maintenance services that combine accurate maintenance diagnosis with advanced maintenance technologies.

Primary systems covered by these services
Oil and chemical plants, steel plants, water supply and sewerage equipment, incineration plant solar power generation equipment, electrical power monitoring systems, remote monitoring and control systems, others

Water treatment plantWater treatment plant

Main control roomMain control room

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