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Chugai Technos provides high-reliability investigation data that makes extensive use of advanced investigation technologies in a wide range of fields including the environment, construction, and industry.

Environmental Investigations and Analysis

Chugai Technos aims to create comfortable living environments which are harmonized with nature.
Based on our record of past successes and the advanced specialized technologies which we have developed over more than 40 years, we perform analysis of air and water quality, exhaust gas, wastewater, soil, metals, waste materials, odors, and other matters. We also provide results from environmental monitoring and investigations of chemical discharge conditions.
Because Chugai Technos owns a HRGC-HRMS instrument and LC-MS/MS instruments, we are able to provide high-accuracy chemical analysis of extremely small amounts of harmful substances such as dioxins and other POPs and endocrine disruptors.
We can also measure noise and vibration for factories, construction work, environments, roads, railways, aircraft, and other subjects, and are capable of spatial estimation of noise along roads.

Dioxins analysisDioxins analysis

Organic compounds analysis using LC/MS/MSOrganic compounds analysis using LC/MS/MS

Environmental Microorganism Analysis

Chugai Technos makes extensive use of a wide range of biotechnologies for analysis of microorganisms that are deeply connected to many industries and environments, and provides customers with indexes that show invisible microorganism activity.
We use state-of-the-art molecular biological techniques and advanced bioengineering techniques to analyze an extremely wide variety of microorganisms and identify the true conditions of environmental problems and microorganism activity.

Microorganims observation using fluorescence microscopyMicroorganims observation using fluorescence microscopy

Environmental System Performance Testing

As a good partner and advisor to related institutions, Chugai Technos uses the measurement technologies that we have developed over more than 40 years to provide an extensive range of technologies in areas including testing, performance evaluations, and commissioning.
For testing, plant trials, performance evaluations, and trial operation, our highly experienced engineers perform commissioning on system, and carry out measurement and analysis to provide support for comprehensive evaluations.
When performing plant trials overseas, we dispatch supervisors who have extensive experience and advanced skills.

Exhaust gas samplingExhaust gas sampling

Gas analysis using autoanalyzerGas analysis using autoanalyzer

Structural Investigations

Most structures (such as bridges and tunnels) and equipment deteriorate with
the passage of time after they are constructed. This requires efficient maintenance and management utilizing a variety of methods. Chugai Technos conducts structural inspections and investigations, as well as testing of samples, in order to
accurately determine the current conditions of a structure. Based on this data,
we can provide highly accurate deterioration forecasts for the structure.
The methods we use include the following.

 - Redar measuring (electromagnetic radar, electromagnetic testing)
 - Measurement of concrete strength by ultrasonic testing
 - Evaluation of concrete surface soundness by infrared thermography
 - Estimating the positions of underground pipes and voids with
ground probing radar
 - Physical testing of concrete
(compression strength, static modulus of elasticity, carbonation)

Bridge InvestigationBridge Investigation

Non-Destructive Inspections

Non-destructive inspections identify flaws and other details without destroying the product.
Some of the most frequently used types of non-destructive inspections are ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, eddy current testing, penetrant testing, and radiographic testing.
Chugai Technos provides engineering services using a scale checker that can identify clogs without destroying the pipe (on-site services), as well as services using in-house X-ray CT systems (carry-in services).

Scale checker Scale checker

Measurements for Industry and Construction

Chugai Technos can perform physical quantity measurement for structures such as factories and bridges, as well as for machine components, pipes, and other items. We also perform measurement of properties such as ground inclination or subsidence, and offer a wide range of services to meet any need. For example:

• Acoustic probing using an acoustic camera
• Strain measurement with a strain gage
• Measurement of displacement, acceleration, pressure, temperature, vibration, and noise
• Measurement of casting residual stress and welding residual stress

Visualization of noise source using acoustic cameraNoise source

Noise sourceVisualization of noise source using acoustic camera

Material Testing and Evaluation

Chugai Technos can provide data including tensile strength, compression strength, fatigue strength, fracture toughness, metallographic structure, and corrosion action for a wide range of materials. We possess constant temperature and
humidity equipment, and are capable of testing materials such as the carbon fiber reinforced plastic that is used in aircraft. We are also able to acquire and process test samples from large test bodies.

Testing equipment

 - Universal testers (capacity 50 kN, 100 kN, 1000 kN)
  Heating furnace (Max. 1000°C [1832°F], thermostat chamber
(-60 to 250°C [-75 to 482°F])
 - Constant temperature and humidity chamber
(Can be controlled to 23°C [73°F] ±2°C, 50±10% RH.)
 - Fatigue testers (capacity 10 kN, 100 kN)
 - Hardness testers (Brinell hardness, Vickers hardness, Rockwell hardness)

Composite material testingComposite material testing

Concrete physical testingConcrete physical testing

Material Investigations and Analysis

Chugai Technos performs comprehensive analysis of data from material testing and measurement (including strength characteristics, material characteristics, and analysis data) in order to identify the cause of material trouble. We apply our material evaluation technologies and extensive experience to conduct material investigations that include research elements.
Examples of material investigations and analysis

• Appearance inspections, non-destructive inspections (penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, etc.)
• Microstructure examinations, macrostructure examinations
• Fractography (ductile fracture, brittle fracture, fatigue fracture, stress corrosion cracking, etc.) using a scanning electron microscope
• Material component analysis, micro-area EPMA, etc.
• Simple analysis using X-ray fluorescence

Microscopic examinationsMicroscopic examinations

Analysis using EPMAAnalysis using EPMA

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