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Chugai Technos provides comprehensive forecasts and diagnosis results based on computer analysis.

Structural Analysis and Dynamic Analysis

Chugai Technos utilizes a finite-element method to perform analysis of deformation, stress, strength, resistance to earthquakes, and other characteristics of structures including machines, plants, bridges, and vehicles. We can conduct studies of analysis methods and conditions, carry out analysis,
and examine and evaluate the results.

• Analysis experience:
Plants, construction machinery, train cars and automobiles, ships and transport equipment, machine tools, bridges, construction and civil works, others
• Types of analysis:
Dynamic analysis (elasticity, elasto-plasticity, buckling, natural frequency, natural mode, frequency response, etc.)
Heat conduction
Forming and processing, others
• Analysis solvers:
MSC Nastran, ABAQUS, STRAND7, Optistruct, LS-DYNA, RADIOSS, Motion Solve
• PrePost:
Altair Hyper Mesh-View, FEMAP, GAMBIT, LS-PrePost

Simulation of building vibrationSimulation of building vibration

Thermal Hydraulic Analysis

With advances in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) technologies in recent years, it has become possible to predict product performance and thermal hydraulic phenomena with a high degree of accuracy. As a result, CFD is utilized as a design support tool during product development. Chugai Technos uses a general-purpose program to rapidly identify product performance and thermal hydraulic phenomena.

• Examples of possible simulations:
Conditions of flow speed, temperature, concentration, and other factors; behavior of pressure drop, turbulence, heat conduction, heat transfer, thermal radiation, and particles and liquid droplets in a fluid (multi-phase flow); force generated by a fluid; flows resulting from chemical reactions and evaporation; shock waves (compressible flow); coupling problems of flows (pressure, temperature) and material stress
• Analysis solver:

Atmosphere Flow SimulationAtmosphere Flow Simulation

Impact, Crash, and Drop Analysis

Chugai Technos uses a general-purpose finite element program to perform analysis of crash, drop, and impact phenomena.
We conduct studies of analysis methods and conditions, carry out analysis, and examine the analysis results to provide support for design (safety and other design) in relation to problems involving crash simulations, drop testing, and impacts.

• Analysis solvers:
LS-DYNA, RADIOSS: Nonlinear finite element analysis (crash simulation, impact, large displacement/deformation)
• Examples of analysis:
Automotive crash simulation, drop testing, sheet metal forming, crash simulations (including failures)

Crash simulationCrash simulation

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