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Privacy Policy

Established: April 1, 2005
Final revision: June 16, 2014
Chugai Technos Corporation
Satoshi Fukuma, President

As a company which provides technologies for purposes including environmental protection; soil and groundwater contamination countermeasures; utilization of information, resources, and energy; and investigations and maintenance of bridges and other social infrastructure, Chugai Technos Corporation (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) handles a variety of information.
The Company has established and fully implemented an information management system for respecting customer personal information and other information received from customers, as well as technical information of the Company and other information.
In consideration of the above, the Company shall establish regulations and a management system related to personal information protection, and shall formulate a personal information protection policy and ensure that it is known by all officials and employees, and take other steps for appropriate protection of personal information.
Measures shall also be taken to make this personal information protection policy easily available to ordinary persons.

1. Collection, use, and provision of personal information

Personal information shall be collected only after the purpose has been clearly identified.
When collecting, using, and providing personal information, the information shall be collected, used, or provided only within the range of the purpose which was clearly identified in advance.
Measures shall also be taken to prevent the use of personal information outside of the range necessary to achieve this purpose.

2. Respect for rights

The Company shall respect the individual’s rights related to personal information, and in the event that there is a request for disclosure of customer personal information, or a consultation or complaint, from the individual concerned, the Company shall respond within a suitable range within a reasonable period of time.
Please direct any inquiries to the contact listed below.

3. Appropriate management of personal information

The Company shall enact appropriate security measures for collected personal information, and shall take reasonable measures aimed at preventing problems such as unauthorized access or modification, damage, leakage, and loss.
It shall also immediately take corrective action in the event that a risk becomes evident.

4. Observance of laws and other norms

The Company shall observe active laws, guidelines established by the national government, and other norms and industry guidelines related to personal information. The Company shall also observe the items prescribed in the Company’s “personal information protection management system”.

5. Continual improvements to personal information management

The Company shall appoint a personal information management supervisor, carry out appropriate personal information protection and management, and implement, maintain, review, and improve the “personal information protection management system”.

Please direct inquiries related to personal information to the following.

Administration Division:
TEL: +81-82-295-2222
Handling of Personal Information

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