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CEEMS (Chugai Efficient and Effective Monitoring System)

CO2 Ground Monitoring System

Our monitoring system is configured with photovoltaic power generation,
CO2 sensor, data transmission unit, and remote monitoring system.
The remote monitoring system uses short-range wireless transmission to
connect multiple monitoring stations. The data is collected to
our main server and transferred to users through the internet.
This system enables to remotely monitor CO2 concentration
in the wide range on the surface of the ground in real time.

With ensuring the safety of CCS, we can enhance public acceptance.
Chugai Technos aims to make the system to be able to support the dissemination of the CCS projects’ promotion.
In addition, this system is already placed at SaskPower, Saskatchewan, Canada’s Boundary Dam integrated with the world’s first commercial scale CCS project. Since October 2014, we have been implementing the verification testing of our system at the project site. It is now international patent pending based on PCT.

Scale Checker

Our original inspection equipment, “Scale Checker”, is the tool which can find scale inside a pipeline, in real time and on stream,
and portable that you can easily inspect the pipeline at multi points.
The pipeline can be inspected even with insulation.

The data inspected is visually imaged in the screen on site.
The Scale Checker uses Cs137 radiation source which is feeble and much safer than the other inspection equipment.

Currently, the Scale Checker has obtained a large market share in Japanese oil and chemical plants.

Radiation Scan

Checking the internal condition without stopping operation is useful for a preventive maintenance and finding troubles in oil refineries and chemical plants.
It is also useful to plan the repair or cleaning schedule and appropriate control.

Radiation Scan uses radiation source to scan an object and make a figure of the internal condition. The figure is made based on the data of radiation reduce and inside construction.
Please watch the video which is one example of the inspection result of a tray column.
By inspecting the liquid level of downcomers and trays, troubles can be detected.
In addition, the change of liquid level and scales are inspected by the Radiation Scan as well.

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