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Promotion Videos

Watch the Chugai video.

By using advanced “Inspection Technique”, Chugai technos secures comfortable living through every area of such environment, maintenance, energy, and medical care.
We will simply introduce Chugai technos’ activities with the video.

Scale Checker

Our original inspection equipment, “Scale Checker”, can find scale inside even insulated pipeline,
in real time and on stream. It is portable that you can easily inspect multiple points of a pipeline.
Scale Checker has a large market share in Japanese oil and chemical plants.

Radiation Scan

Chugai Technos provides a service of “Radiation Scan” to inspect inside towers in refineries and chemical plants without stopping operation. Our service will be effectively used for your plant maintenance.
Please watch the video of an inspection example, the “Tray Column” inspection.

CO2 Ground Monitoring System

Our CO2 ground monitoring system, one of Chugai Technos' CEEMS series, is effectively used for ensuring the safety and enhancing public acceptance of CCS. The system remotely monitors CO2 concentration in the wide area of the surface of the ground in real time.

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